Additional Information

Suggested use:

ยท         Take one capsule after meal in the Morning & Evening with milk or lukewarm water or as directed by a health professional

Ingredients & Benefits

  It treats kidney stones.

  It promotes healthy heart.

 It relives fever.

 It protects against certain types of cancer.

 It prevents infections.

 It helps to block or slow down the production of fats.

 It helps to reduce inflammation.

 It is helpful in neurological diseases and pain disorders.

 It helps to improve memory. 

 It prevents damage of the liver cells.

 It helps to control heavy menstrual bleeding.

 It disrupts the growth cycle of the malarial parasite

 It improves brain function in people being treated for bipolar disorder.

 It can reduce some symptoms of anxiety or anxious mood.

 It might reduce blood sugar levels in people with diabetes.

 It helps to reduce cholesterol level.

  Natural remedy for sexual ability and low sperm count .

  It enhance athletic performance or increase libido.