About Direct Selling


The Customer Value-Obsessed Business Model

Life4Ever follows the Customer Value-Obsessed Business Model that applies to absolutely every business because it’s all about solving customers’ problems, anticipating their needs, making people’s lives easier and removing any friction or hassle.

Life4Ever continuously adds value to the customer experience. We collect feedback regularly through our clients/distributors and prioritize customer needs in our every business goal. We're always more concerned with retaining and delighting existing customers than acquiring new ones.

By pushing an agenda, we place our clients at the forefront of their respective fields.

Our clients/distributors focus on increasing retention and loyalty. By constantly improving the buyer's journey, the customers of our distributors become more dependent on our brand. They can trust our business has their best interest at heart which increases their likelihood of repeat purchases and becoming a loyal advocate of our clients’ business.

Key Highlights

Free business opportunity

No upfront investment or inventory requirements or registration charges.

Unique Business Plan

This one-of-a-kind plan allows the independent distributor to earn income without sponsoring a single distributor as long as minimum purchase is made in line with the rank.

Open for everyone

The opportunity is open for anyone who purchases Life4ever products and is totally optional.

Business Center Support

Access to free, round the clock back-end support to manage and monitor your business

No Experience Needed

Anyone can become an individual distributor by gaining knowledge from training programs and no prior experience is needed.


A member of various prestigious organizations like FICCI, FDSA and RAI

No Entry Barriers

Anyone above 18 can enroll regardless of sex, background, education or experience


With more than two decades of experienced Management team, Life4ever has consistently recorded impressive growth irrespective of economic climate and has set new benchmarks in the industry.

Touching the life of millions in a positive way

Life4ever Lifestyle Marketing Global was founded with a single-minded purpose - enhance the lifestyle of our customers and independent distributors through high quality lifestyle products. Since its inception in 2013, millions of customers have enjoyed our products ranging from Health, Nutritional, Beauty, and Groceries to Agro Care among others. More than millions of independent distributors have achieved great financial success, which is testimonial to our progress.