About Direct Selling


Model in over 120 countries across the globe!!

This business concept has an established track record all around the world. Top global brands and entrepreneurial firms have adopted direct selling, in which company-affiliated individual distributors and consultants offer items or services directly to consumers.

Direct Selling Market in India

"Indian direct selling industry records USD 2.47 billion sales in 2021, ranks 15th globally"
- Economic Times

“The direct selling industry will reach a value of INR 15,930 crore by end of 2021”
– The Hindu Business Line

A unique business model

Traditional marketing channels spend up to 60% of product cost on compensating parties engaged in various channels, partners, and not to mention a huge portion of money spent on promotions, celebrities, and ads. By removing intermediate distribution channels and other expenditures in direct selling, the money saved is passed on to independent distributors who sell the items in-person or online.

Direct selling by Life4ever

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Expert Opinions

Zig Ziglar, American Author

"You Don't Build a Business, You Build People and then People Build the Business."

Richard Branson, American Author

“Business opportunities are like buses, there's always another one coming.”